Amazons Goodnight Mommy portrays outstanding visuals, creating the perfect essence of a horror film
Amazon’s ‘Goodnight Mommy’ portrays outstanding visuals, creating the perfect essence of a horror film

Amazon Prime’s Goodnight Mommy features scary visuals, creating accurate effects of a psychological horror movie.

Creator Matt Sobel had reportedly asked the production designer Mary Colston and cinematographer Alexander Dynan to integrate a sense of foreboding in the visuals of the psychological thriller Goodnight Mommy.

The film shows Naomi Watts as a mother of two who comes home to her sons after a plastic surgery. However, she doesn’t seem to be the same person who left them.

To enhance the terrifying visuals, Colston aimed to depict the family’s house as ‘a map of trauma’ but Dynan wanted to experience the house from the boys’ eyes.

“We wanted to always be with them, so we used dolly tracking shots and Steadicam at their height so we could see them or what they were looking at,” said Dylan.

As the story unfolds, the boys notice a disturbing behavioral change in their mother after which the visuals start changing and the movie allots more screen time to the house.

According to Variety, Colston made the boys’ room a sanctuary, designing it with light blue color to give a warm vibe while she poured all the dimness in the mother’s room, detailing it with dark curtains and dim lights.

“The more you get into the room, the more the world makes you question, ‘What is going on with this woman?’” Colston explained her choice.

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