Amber Heard continues to be at target of online trolls for sake of Johnny Depps fans
Amber Heard continues to be at target of online trolls for sake of Johnny Depp’s fans

Amber Heard’s still being targeted by online trolls  months after she lost the highly publicised defamation case against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

As per latest reports, YouTube refused to take down a channel, solely dedicated for posting negative content about the Aquaman actor to please Depp’s fans and followers.

The channel, Just In, shares posts bashing the actor and accusing her of lying in the highly publicized defamation trial against ex-husband.

They even posted a job add looking for researchers to find “Anti-Amber Heard content” to prove “how guilty” the actor is according to report published by Newsweek.

In a since-deleted post for job, they wrote, “Basically, we are looking for content that concerns something that proves how guilty Amber Heard is as our fans are all Johnny Depp Fans.”

“So they prefer videos about new evidence, celebrities, or something else that goes against Amber Heard or supports Johnny Depp,” the job description added.

But, the video streaming service told Newsweek that after reviewing the channel they have concluded that it does not violate its community guidelines.

Meanwhile, some of the recent uploads on the channel has these titles, “New RUMOUR: Amber’s Baby Was Only A PR Stunt To Gain PITY!”, “NEW Texts & Insighter Photos REVEAL Amber Exploiting Celebs With S**!” and “Amber Caught Attacking New Partner 3 TIMES In Front Of The Police!” as per The Independent.

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