Amber Heard responsible for Cara Delevingne’s drug addiction?
Amber Heard responsible for Cara Delevingne’s drug addiction?

Cara Delevingne’s recent disturbing photos outside of airport sparked health concerns among her fans and media industry. The model has long been struggling with drug addiction and suicidal thoughts.

However, one gossip columnist claimed that Amber Heard is responsible for model’s present dishevelled situation.

Marca en reported that gossip columnist Jessica Reed Krauss shared details about Amber and Cara who according to her were not only “romantically involved” but the former used to organise Hollywood sex parties which had alcohol and a lot of consumption of drugs.

The columnist alleged that the Aquaman actress would set up Cara with couple of billionaire tech clients who were invited at the event.

There’s no confirmation, but a few photos surfaced online which showed Cara’s involvement at these big, lavish parties.

Jessica clearly “blamed Heard for hooking Cara on heavy drugs at these events”.

Meanwhile, Cara is reportedly not in contact with the actress after the defamation trial despite of their romantic involvement. 

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