‘B lister’ Amber Heard shocked execs by bagging ‘Aquaman’: ‘Doesn’t seem right!’
‘B lister’ Amber Heard shocked execs by bagging ‘Aquaman’: ‘Doesn’t seem right!’

Amber Heard’s ability to land a contract for Aquaman reportedly surprised Hollywood executives who couldn’t believe she ‘hacked it as the worst actor’.

Inside sources from the inner circle of Hollywood’s elite issued these revelations against the Aquaman star during an interview with The Pop Topic.

The source began by admitting, “A lot of us were actually pretty shocked when we found out that Amber Heard had been cast as Mera in the Aquaman movies — not because of the Johnny Depp situation but because she’s not a great actress. I would hesitate to even call her b-list.”

“Being one of the leads in the film and only banking approximately USD$2 million for the part, that just doesn’t seem right. ”

“A lot of us are starting to wonder whether she slept with James Wan and that’s how she secured this role, especially after seeing in a intimate setting with him and Elon Musk. We know what kind of wild things the two of them got up to.”

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