Britney Spears had flirty conversation with ex Jason Alexander before Sam Asghari nuptials
Britney Spears had ‘flirty conversation’ with ex Jason Alexander before Sam Asghari nuptials

Britney Spears ex husband Jason Alexander makes shocking revelation in recent interview claiming that his former spouse called him prior to her wedding with Sam Asghari.

The Hold Me Closer hit-maker’s ex, with whom she was married for 55 hours back in 2004, even said that they both engaged in “flirty conversation.”

While appearing for PodcastOne’s “One Degree of Scandalous,” Alexander said, “She called me that Monday, which was probably the 7th. It was a couple of days before the wedding.”

“We spoke for probably 20 minutes,” he revealed. “Nothing was brought up about any wedding taking place.”

Jason went on to say that he had a “kind of a flirty conversation” with Spears while explaining, “So in my head, I’m thinking like I left the conversation and was feeling like, ‘Hey, I kind of got it good about myself.'”

The preview of the podcast also shows Alexander talking about what was going on in his head when he crashed Spears’ wedding hours before the ceremony.

“Maybe I wasn’t on the (expletive) guest list. I came in through the (expletive) back,” he said. “Either way, this is Britney’s wedding day and she’s locked in her (expletive) bedroom guys.”

“So I decided when I am on top of this hill and her house is kind of down and they had security on each side and no one down the middle.

“Their (expletive) decided to come up around and I just went straight and so they ended up like a heart, or like an (expletive), and ended up behind me.

“They were chasing me and yelling at me and I don’t know what I said, but I knew where I was going,” he added.

Alexander was arrested after he livestreamed himself while gatecrashing the nuptials and was charged with aggravated trespassing and battery.

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