BTS Jin to shoot a music video in LA, fans speculate
BTS Jin to shoot a music video in LA, fans speculate

BTS Jin left for Los Angeles for a personal schedule which many speculate is actually for his solo debut.

As per Pinkvilla, on September 11, BTS Jin arrived at the Incheon International airport, dressed in a brown jacket with a light shirt and dress pants to take a flight to Los Angeles, USA.

Fans speculate, that Jin is going to LA for his personal schedule, and also going to shoot for a music video in LA.

BTS ARMY noted that HYBE chairman and Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si Hyuk aka Bang PD is currently also in LA and clicked a picture with Lumpens’ music video director.

Lumpens’ is famous for working with BTS for several of their music videos.

Jin is going to enlist in the military at the end of the year although the date is not confirmed for him.

Due to his military enlistment, Jin will have to halt his music activities for 18 months. His solo debut under such circumstances and ahead of BTS’ October concert in Busan is highly likely.

Bang PD with Lumpens’ music video director in LA:

BTS Jin heads to LA for a speculative music video shoot

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