BTS RM donates money for the preservation of Korean art
BTS RM donates money for the preservation of Korean art

BTS RM has donated a large sum to Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation, for the preservation, restoration, and utilization of Korean cultural assets overseas.

As per Soompi report, on September 15, RM confidentially donated 100 million won  (approximately  $71,800) to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation.

The foundation revealed that the donations are used for the preservation work of traditional Korean clothing, worn during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty by only royal women for ceremonial occasion, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The additional 100 million won donated by RM will be used to create a catalog for Korean paintings.   

The BTS leader is know for being an art-lover, and visiting art museums and galleries all over the world. 

RM also loaned a piece of his sculpture collection, ‘Horse’ by sculptor Kwon Jin Gyu, to the Seoul Museum of Art, and did a Korean and English exhibition commentary for ‘The Space Between: Modern Korean Art Exhibition.’ 

RM shares his art-related trips on Instagram and also makes vlogs that are making the places he visits, popular, hence increasing his influence within the Korean art industry.

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