Camilla was ‘born to’ become Queen Consort: says close pal
Camilla was ‘born to’ become Queen Consort: says close pal

Camilla Parker Bowel’s old friend the High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Lady Lansdowne recently weighed in on her ‘wonderful’ pal becoming the Queen Consort.

As Charles became the King, Camilla gained the title of Queen Consort following Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8.

During her conversation with BBC, Lady Lansdowne said her “wonderful and loyal” friend was “born to” the role.

She predicted that Queen Consort will be a “huge support” to her husband as Camilla always knew that she would one day become Queen Consort, “she must have taken a very big gulp thinking this is a big step”.

Camilla “completely understands” her role and “will absolutely do it right”, said Lady Lansdowne.

“She will take advice very well but I think she will naturally know the right thing to do,” she said.

Camilla “is very good at talking to people. I don’t think anyone could do it [Queen Consort] better than she is,” she added.

Weighing in on Camilla and Charles’ bond, Lady Lansdowne said: “They just have a really happy relationship and they can josh each other along when needed and yet have real support for each other which is wonderful.”

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