Candle blocking Meghan Markle at Queens funeral stirs conspiracy theories

Meghan Markle’s supporters think the giant candle that blocked her during the Queen’s funeral was deliberately placed.

The candle have some viewers convinced that her seat in the pews of Westminster Abbey was an intentional snub.

People watching the BBC’s coverage of the service on Monday noticed that the Duchess of Sussex’s face, which was already partially shielded by her wide-brimmed hat, was almost entirely obscured by a thick yellow church candle.

Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest alongside her beloved husband on Monday after a day which saw Britain and the world pay a final farewell to the nation’s longest-reigning monarch, in a dazzling show of pomp and ceremony.

Amid formality and careful choreography, there were moments of raw emotion. Late in the day an ashen-faced King Charles held back tears, while grief was etched on the faces of several members of the royal family.

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