Cardi B made a generous donation as she paid a surprise visit to her school.

The 29-year-old rapper, Tuesday returned to I.S. 232 in Brooklyn’s Morris Heights neighborhood, where she attended elementary school.

She not only surprised the students with her appearance but also donated a whopping $100K to the school.

Her arrival at the school was captured by a friend of NBC New York reporter Kay Angrum, who she said is a teacher at the school.

The video shows the rapper – clad in a red mini-dress – arriving at the school and waving at the scores of screaming students.

She reflected on her time at the school, revealing (via Gothamist) that many of the teachers showed her some tough love.

Photo credits: DailyMail
Photo credits: DailyMail

‘A lot of the teachers were really tough on me because they saw something in me,’ the rapper said.

‘I was like a bad kid, but I was very special to a lot of these teachers and I still got them in my heart,’ she added.

While her appearance was planned, the $100K donation seemingly caught everybody by surprise, according to the New York City Department of Education.

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