Don’t Worry Darling: Cinematographer claims set was ‘most harmonious’
Don’t Worry Darling: Cinematographer claims set was ‘most harmonious’

Don’t Worry Darling has attracted more attention for the drama surrounding it rather than the movie itself.

While speaking on The Hollywood Reporter’s Behind the Screen podcast, cinematographer Matthew Libatique claimed that there was no drama that ensued on set. “This was probably the most harmonious set I’ve ever been on,” he said. “Olivia built a team that believed in her, and she believed in each and everybody on the set.”

From the rumours of rift between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh to the spit-gate incident between Harry Styles and Chris Pine, Libatique has denied the rumours, calling them “completely untrue.”

“When you hear that there are rumours of acrimony on the set, I reject it. It wasn’t apparent at all,” he continued.

However, Libatique further added that if there was some off-screen drama, he was never a witness to it. “Whatever happened, it happened way after I left and started doing something else. I was never witness to anything, and I didn’t feel anything,” the two-time Oscar nominee noted. “You know, you get a feeling that there might be something going on, and I didn’t feel anything.”

Don’t Worry Darling stars Harry Styles and Florence Pugh as Jack and Alice, a young couple living in the seemingly perfect company town of Victory, California, in the 1950s. The plot follows the couple’s life as Alice begins to sense something off in their idyllic community. Pugh’s Alice becomes obsessed with the nature of her husband’s work and discovers shocking secrets.

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