Prince Andrew told to solve Virginia Giuffre case: Clearly is not going away
Prince Andrew told to solve Virginia Giuffre case: ‘Clearly is not going away’

Prince Andrew is urged to  clear up his sexual assault scandal with Virginia Giuffre.

A royal expert notes the impending civil case on the Duke of York “clearly isn’t going away” and should be dealt with urgently.

Speaking to The Royal Beat, biographer Dr Andrew Lownie said: “I’m not informed but it strikes me as an outsider that he’s up there to have a confer with his mum to work out what they’re going to do.

“The policy at the moment seems to be to do nothing in the hope the problem goes away, and it’s clearly not going to go away and as you say, he will be served or he will be forced to do something by the end of the year.

“So they need to do something and they don’t seem to me, to be the behaviour of a man who is innocent.”

Earlier this year, Andrew opted for an out of court settlement with Giuffre, paying her a large sum of money to get rid of sexual abuse allegations.

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