David Beckham deeply upset as son Brooklyns lifes becomes all about the Peltzes
David Beckham ‘deeply upset’ as son Brooklyn’s life’s becomes all about the Peltzes

David Beckham is “very hurt” and “deeply upset” after his relationship with son Brooklyn Beckham  changed following his marriage with Nicola Peltz as he now likes to keep close to his in-laws,  the Peltzes.

The aspiring chef prefers to take career advice from his father-in-law Nelson Peltz, who is a feared corporate raider, over his own dad, Nicola previously told Tatler Magazine.

The billionaire is even financially backing Brooklyn’s upcoming commercial venture into the hot chilli sauce business, revealed Daily Mail.

“The Peltz family can offer him things which they [the Beckhams] cannot in terms of commercial connections,” an insider close to Beckhams told the outlet.

“David and Victoria have been deeply upset by how things have played out,” the source added.

There have been reports of a fall-out between the fashion designer and the billionaire heiress ever since Nicola and Brooklyn’s wedding as there’s icy silence between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law.

Brooklyn even spent the summer with his in-laws on their yacht while snubbing his own family’s luxury yacht trip and later spent more time with the Peltzes in Florida.

“The Beckhams are both really hurt, particularly David. They want to be there for Brooklyn, they always thought he would be a big part of their lives forever,” the source said.

“Now they don’t even speak as often as they would like. It has come as a real shock,” the insider noted while revealing that the only plus is that the problems have brought Victoria and David even closer.

“They discuss it endlessly. They know that Brooklyn is madly in love with Nicola and you can’t fight that,” the source explained of their situation.

“Nobody can talk any sense into him. He’s spending all his time with her family — it’s all Peltz, Peltz Peltz,” the insider said.

Even Victoria, who said to have risen to fame with her Girl Power mantra, cannot fix the situation.

“It’s a waiting game,” the source dished. “She is doing nothing about it — she would be stupid to even try.”

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