Deeply sad Prince Harry destroys relationship with Charles
‘Deeply sad’ Prince Harry ‘destroys’ relationship with Charles

Prince Charles and Prince Harry’s rift has reportedly left people around the Future King feeling ‘deeply distressed’.

According to the reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex refused to join the Prince of Wales at his home on the Scottish estate Birkhall.

Weighing in on the alleged move of Sussexes, the Daily Mirror editor Russell Myers said that the couple threw Charles’ olive branch ‘back in his face’.

During his conversation on Pod Save the Queen, the royal editor said: “I know for a fact that he [Charles] has offered them [Harry and Meghan] a place to stay, he has produced an olive branch to them, he has wanted to bring them close, he has tried to make instances to see them and I just think it’s being thrown back in his face.”

“It seems as though Meghan has a completely unfortunate and destructive relationship with her own father,” he continued.

“But it just seems particularly sad that Harry is, by his own accord or through conversations with his wife, going down that route.

“[He’s] destroying his relationship with his father because of how he feels, especially on such a poignant anniversary — the 25th anniversary of his mother’s death.

“That is deeply sad and I’m sure that the Prince of Wales and people around him are finding it deeply distressing,” the expert added.

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