Little things: a Netflix web series based on Four seasons
‘Little things’: a Netflix web series based on Four seasons

Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal are reuniting once again with an audio season Jab Dhruv Met Kavya, a prequel to their famous web series Little Things.

The last season of the show left off on a sweet note with the two characters getting engaged. The show focused on their love story and the ups and downs in their relationship but nobody knew what brought them together in the first place.

Dhruv Sehgal (Dhruv) and Mithila Palkar, while talking to the IndianExpress said that the upcoming show is “something similar, but also something different.”

Dhruv revealed: “It’s a show about how the two of them met so its actually cuter and more innocent in a way. It’s the same story told in a different format but you feel like there is some freshness to it. Also because you just hear so you can imagine more.”

He further went on to say: “It’s a narrative. It is not us looking back, it is us in that particular time”, reported IndianExpress.

“It is like a radio play. It’s not a reminiscing or telling of a story”, added Mithila.

The actor/director also shared how they both translated such a beautiful chemistry in an audible format: “We did record a few session together of course. In fact, we did record a few days together. So while you are doing it. I think both of us felt as if it is similar only. There is not much difference.”

Whereas, Palkar revealed that her confidence in her character helped a lot in taking control to perform the audio version.

Little Things: Jab Dhruv Met Kavya has been released and is streaming on Audible. 

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