Did you know Queen Elizabeth took part in World War 2?
Did you know Queen Elizabeth took part in World War 2? 

Queen Elizabeth II’s death marks the end of the longest-serving reign of any British monarch, however, there was a time when the queen dug her heels in to work as a ‘truck mechanic’ during World War II.

According to TIME magazine, Britain was beset with relentless bombings by the German forces in the Battle of Britain. Many Britons were offering services to contribute to the war effort.

Then-18 years old queen aimed to join the military to do her part. However, she was rebuffed by her parents, King George VI and Elizabeth the Queen, by pointing out ‘no female member of the royal family to serve in the military.’

After the repeated insistence for over a year, Lilibet’s parents relented, and the princess signed up for  Auxiliary Territorial Service as a mechanicin February 1945.

As Time Magazine further added, ‘In a six-week training course, she passed a military driving test, learned to read maps, and worked repairing engines. The Associated Press at the time named her ‘Princess Auto Mechanic.’

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