Prince Harry, who has served the British military on two tours to Afghanistan, notably did not salute the Cenotaph during his grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession in London today, September 19, 2022.

As per The Telegraph, the Duke of Sussex was barred from doing the salute and instead bowed his head as he approached the Cenotaph while his brother Prince William and other senior royals saluted.

According to reports, Prince Harry looked dejected and ‘disappointed’ with the arrangement which dictated that as a non-working royal, he could only wear civilian clothes and so, could not salute the Cenotaph at Whitehall.

While it is ‘extremely rare’ for former Armed Forces members to wear their uniforms, senior members of the royal family are granted special permission to do so on ‘occasions when it would be appropriate’.

As per The Telegraph, these include regimental events ‘only with the permission of the regimental colonel’.

This means that Prince Harry would’ve needed special permission from the Lieutenant Colonel commanding the Household Cavalry, or the Colonel-in-Chief of The Blues & Royals, currently the Princess Royal Anne.

In case of not being granted permission on that front, Harry could’ve asked the Colonel in Chief of the Household Cavalry, who is his father, King Charles III. 

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