Drew Barrymore, Selma Blair shed light on death threat letters: Video
Drew Barrymore, Selma Blair shed light on death threat letters: Video

Drew Barrymore recently talked about the truth behind death threats she received few years ago from an anonymous person who pretended to be Selma Blair.

According to Independent, Blair’s new memoir Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up shared details about the shocking events and the truth behind it while in conversation with Never Been Kissed star on her The Drew Barrymore Show.

While providing context to the details, Blair explained, “I was very close to my mother. Because my father did something so unthinkable to me, I would never call him Dad again.”

During the show, Blair revealed that she landed a small role in a movie and on hearing this news, she called her dad to inform him about the exciting news.

After a while, the movie’s producer told her that they had received “poison letters” claiming to be her agent and said, “I was a heroin addict”.

“It was a real kind of poison pen letter about me and they fired me before even shooting,” revealed Blair.

The Cruel Intentions actress thought that it “might have been someone “who disliked me in high school”.

Blair also recalled receiving a call from a detective a year later who said, “We know this is not you… but someone has been writing letters to Drew Barrymore, many poison pen letters, signed by Selma Blair.”

The Legally Blonde star however later found out that it was “someone involved with my father”.

To this Barrymore assured Blair and said, “I had never received the letters personally, and I hadn’t learned about them until later.”

“I would never doubt you Selma and actually have been a total fan of yours on the side,” added the Charlie’s Angels star.

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