Drew Barrymore shades Andrew Garfield on his method acting?
Drew Barrymore shades Andrew Garfield on his method acting?

Drew Barrymore was seemingly unimpressed by Andrew Garfield’s method especially when it came to a certain role when Garfield abstained from sex for six months, as per Variety.

During the recent episode of Drew’s News segment on The Drew Barrymore Show, she highlighted Garfield’s claims that he deprived himself of sex and food while working on Martin Scorsese’s 2016 film Silence, where he starred opposite Liam Neeson and Adam Driver.

Ross Mathews, who hosts the segment with the Barrymore, joked, “I get abstaining from sex, I mean I did that my entire 20s, right?” to which Barrymore quipped, “What’s wrong with me that six months doesn’t seem like a very long time? I was like, ‘Yeah so?’”

Mathews carried on the joke, adding, “We buried the lede there, that’s the headline. Drew can go six months, no big deal.”

“Years,” she assured.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garfield went method to play a 17th century Jesuit priest in the film Silence. Garfield shared that he went celibate for six months and also fasted to lose weight for the part.

“I had an incredibly spiritual experience. I did a bunch of spiritual practices every day, I created new rituals for myself. I was celibate for six months, and fasting a lot, because me and Adam had to lose a bunch of weight anyway. It was very cool, man. I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences from starving myself of sex and food at that time.”

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