Gigi Hadid accused of breaking girl code amid Leonardo DiCaprio romance
Gigi Hadid accused of breaking ‘girl code’ amid Leonardo DiCaprio romance

Gigi Hadid has seemingly gone behind Camilla Morrone’s back  in  dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

A source close to the model revealed: “Camila was taken by surprise when she found out that Leo and Gigi were hooking up,” the source said. “She feels betrayed.”

It is conjectured that Gigi and Leo got closer to each other this summer, while the latter was still dating Morrone.

“Camila and Leo were constantly taking breaks to ‘figure things out,’ but in her mind they were not broken up,” the insider said.

The added: “Gigi and Camila share lots of mutual pals, and they’re on Camila’s side,” the insider noted of the ladies who are both friendly with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

Meanwhile, an insider told Life & Style that Leo and Gigi are serious with each other.

“Gigi and Leo are the real deal,” they said. “They’ve been hanging out a lot and are very into each other. Things are going well between them and they’re both happy.”

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