Harry to ‘settle scores’ with Camilla for Charles-Diana marriage fail
Harry to ‘settle scores’ with Camilla for Charles-Diana marriage fail

Princess Diana’s friend recently revealed that Prince Harry invited his late mother’s friends to recall his ‘shaky’ memories as the Duke gears up to unveil his bombshell memoir.

In his article for Daily Mail, Richard Kay shared that the 37-year-old prince held a get-together “to share memories and private photographs of her” as he “especially wanted to know the background to the breakdown of her marriage” to Prince Charles.

Kay also shared that “it was pretty clear that he did not have a high opinion” of his stepmother.

“He wasn’t very complimentary about her and I very much doubt he forgot what we talked about that day,” the expert shared.

Meanwhile, Harry’s “intimate” and “heartfelt” memoir has caused “considerable anxiety in Buckingham Palace circles” that he will “settle perceived scores with family members and senior courtiers.”

He further claimed that the Firm was “particularly nervous” about the duke’s “attitude towards his stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall, the woman who many of the late Princess’s supporters still blame for the collapse of the Charles-Diana marriage.”

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