King Charles will prove critics wrong: He’s spent 70 years getting ready
King Charles will prove critics wrong: ‘He’s spent 70 years getting ready’

King Charles III needs to “make an effort” in the first 100 days of his reign, said a historian.

During his conversation with iNews, historian AN Wilson, author of Our Times: The Age of Elizabeth II, said that the King “won’t be forced to abdicate, he’s got as long as nature or the Almighty allow him on this planet.”

However, he still needs to “make an effort” in his early days, added Wilson.

“He is going to go to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to show that he wants to be the monarch of a United Kingdom,” he said.

“A lot of people said: ‘The Queen is okay, but quite honestly we ought to grow up and have a republic and move on – when she dies, we’ll think again.’ And some people who always did want a republic will go on feeling that way.

“But actually, I think most people will give King Charles the benefit of the doubt,” said the writer.

“All his critics have tended to say: ‘He’ll shoot his mouth off, he doesn’t understand being a constitutional monarch, he’ll take sides about politics.’” I don’t think he will. He’s spent 70 years getting ready.”

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