House of Dragon juicy scenes sparks swells viewership: Report
House of Dragon ‘juicy scenes’ sparks swells viewership: Report 

HBO’s House of Dragon experienced a steady increase of viewership of 5% after the latest episode of the series released that displayed juicy scenes among the Targaryens, as per Variety.

According to Nielsen, the show’s linear viewing is nearly steady, with 2.536 million viewers recorded on four cable airings for the previous episode in contrast with the 2.474 million on the latest episode. 

However, combining the data from HBO MAX and other HBO platforms, Variety reliably confirmed the total U.S. viewership of the show jumped up 5%on the weekly basis.

Moreover,  the viewership record of the rest of the episodes of House of the Dragon are increasing continuously, as the viewers flocked in to stream the show.

As per Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels, the show’s pilot episode that has already reputed as one of the most viewed premiere episode raked in 10 million viewers which is now risen to 30 million. 

HBO’s House of the Dragon has been renewed for a second season amid the season one. The show received praise from critics and audiences alike for its screenplay, acting, and direction. 

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