How Meghan Markle uses her stunning eyes to speak as she smiles: Expert
How Meghan Markle uses her ‘stunning’ eyes to speak as she smiles: Expert

Meghan Markle uses her smile to win hearts, says body language expert.

In a conversation with, Judi James spoke of the similarities between Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s grins.

“With Meghan and Kate we have two of the most beautiful smiles on the planet.

“In terms of sheer beauty and aesthetics they are quite similar.

“Both tend to perform symmetric mouth smiles with an even baring of the upper line of teeth.”

Judi explained: “Their cheeks are raised and rounded and the smile is reflected in their eyes, which makes a smile look congruent and therefore authentic.”

The expert continued: “Any subtle differences in their smiles will tend to reflect their lives and careers.

However, Judi confessed that Meghan’s smile is ‘more emotional’ and communicating.

“Meghan’s smile shows more emotional variation and includes some stunningly communicative eye expressions.”

According to Judi, this quality of hers is “keeping with her campaigning and charity work in the US”.

She continued: “Her eye expressions show an amazing range that would help people feel closer to her and maybe more understanding of her personality.

“We can sometimes see an excited eye expression as she smiles, or the very loving expression she throws at Harry, and then there will be a head-tilt smile that maybe shows her fun side,” noted Judi.

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