How Princess Diana spent Saturday night with boys Prince William, Harry
How Princess Diana spent Saturday night with boys Prince William, Harry

Princess Diana  would be delighted to see her children carving their own path.

The Princess of Wales, who did not live enough to see sons Prince William and Harry marry of to the love of their lives, must be happy that her kids have found their joy.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady, 60, says: “William has always known that he’s going to be king one day over Harry, William was the heir, Harry was the spare.

“Princess Diana would have been thrilled to pieces now that both boys are happy, they’ve found a partner and they’re happy within their relationships because obviously she wasn’t and went through a divorce and separation.

“I think she’d be so proud of William the way he has taken on these Royal duties.”

He added, during his conversation with Coffee Friend, said: “I know it sounds dramatic to say, but the way Princess Diana was bringing the children into the next century – she was able to say, ‘I know they’re Royal children, but they’re normal children too.’

“It wasn’t the case of having to dress for dinner or sit at the table and be served formally by butlers.

“On a Saturday night, you’d see Diana sitting down in front of the TV eating dinner with her boys, it just made everything so normal.

“It was Diana’s way of showing them, you’re children too, and we see a lot of that with Kate now too.”

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