How to Heal Cracked Heels

How to Heal Cracked Heels – 3 Best Foot Care Tips

Our feet bare the weight of our body while running while walking, while doing any
of the activities. Feet, maintain the body stability required, but we squeeze them
into our shoes, most of the time in a very uncomfortable state, as well as put
pressure on them by standing for a long time. Our hard-working feet deserve more.
More care and attention, isn’t it? Today, we are going to discuss the
best tips to take care of our feet.

How to Heal Cracked Heels

3 Best Foot Care Tips for Cracked Heels

1. Foot care before sleep

We should follow certain foot care routine. Rather make a habit before going to
sleep. We should pay attention to our foot. Why should we have a foot care routine
at night? Because your feet get fatigued, carry your weight to out the day. These
simple tips not only will relax your foot but also improve your quality of sleep and
would help you to wake up fresh in the morning.

First of all, you must soak your feet at night in warm water. This will relax the whole body and relieve body from pains and aches. Adding Epsom salt in water will help food soaked, in water more beneficial Epsom salt. It is a combination of magnesium and sulfate. It provides a number of health benefits, including stress relief and pain relief, muscle cramp
relief, nerve and muscle function enhancement.

It helps even inn gout pain, it relieves gout pain and helps in blood clots. In a vessel of warm water, dissolve, a spoon of Epsom salt, soak your feet for five or maximum 10 minutes. Sachets of Epsom salt are easily available in medical stores.

2. Gentle massage

Gentle massage foot massage is another way of helping your feet. This massage will
help improve the circulation, stimulate the muscles is the muscles and relieve pain. I
will share a simple technique to massage your foot, which will give you instant
relaxation. Take a little of extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil in your palm ,rub it
well and gently begin the massage from the sole of your feet. From top to bottom,
put your fingers in between the toes and gently, rotate the toes, hold the heel of the
feet and rotate.

Now, press the soul of the food in the center for a while and again
use your thumb to massage from top to down not only the massage would relax you
but the oil will also give you soft skin and prevent cracked heels.
Now, there are certain asanas which are very beneficial for the health of foot. Asanas
are the great ways to relax tired muscles and stretch muscles that haven’t been
utilized for a while.

3. Talasana

One is Talasana Talasana s an excellent asana that stretches Foot flexor muscles. Here you lift your entire body and balance on your toe. Second is Utkatasana Utkatasana s another great asana for the feet,
similar like Talasana and it stretches and strengthens the put muscles as you go up on the toe. Another exercise would be that you come on your toe, foot five steps ahead and five steps backwards. Do the same come on your heels. And maintain your body stability in that position. Walk five steps ahead and five steps behind.

How to Heal Cracked HeelsSimilarly you can walk on inside as well as outside of your foot, five steps in front
and five steps behind. These excellent stretches will help to work the muscles.
Improve blood circulation and ease the stiffness in your heels.

Now, understand some home remedies for foot care. Take time to take care of your
feet once a week atleast. As we grow over time your skin of feet starts to get dried
up and the rubbing of your sole with your shoes makes the skin more harder, which
can lead to even corn which are very painful. Corn is a thick hard area of your feet.
The corns cause pain when you walk or wear shoes.

You can gently exfoliate your dead skin and make it smooth and silky as well as you can help improve the tone of your skin. You should use this effective home remedy once a week. Take half cup of ground coffee ¼ cup of brown sugar and half cup of coconut oil. Warm this coconut oil slightly for few seconds, add the coffee and brown sugar first. Soak your feet in warm.

Water for 5 minutes then apply this scrub all over your feet. Gently exfoliate
your dead skin massaging this pack in circular motion all over the feet, leave for 15
minutes and wash. Apart from these beneficial tips, understand
some do’s and don’ts for your feet.

  1. To protect your feet, and prevent blisters or corns. Start wearing well fitting and comfortable footwear
  2. Apply oil or body lotion daily, to prevent dryness of your foot. Dryness of
    your skin will lead to cracks.
  3. Scrub the feet every day while taking baths with pumice stone. This would help exfoliating dead skin.
  4. Trim your toenails regularly. Use the filer to trim the corners to see that you
    prevent the ingrowth of your nail. Otherwise that would become very painful.

Your feet get tired and swollen as a result of everyday, wear and tear. So to give
your feet, the attention, they require. You should follow all these helpful tips. Not
only your feet will get healthy, but you could also be free from your entire body
pains and aches. Once you attend your foot,
you are actually tending to your whole body because your foot has nerve endings
every never is being attended. And so here, you take charge of yourself,
take care of your foot and you will be helping your whole body. Like this,
you will remain pain-free, active, you could run, you could do all your activities very well,
without any pain.

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