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How to make Green tea shot | Green tea shot Recipe in 3 easy steps

How to make Green tea shot

If You are looking to for Green tea shot. You are at the right place. We will tell you how to make Green tea shot and benefits of green tea shot. So read the article fully. lets go to next procedure.

Green tea shot

Ingredients for Green tea Shot:

  • Whiskey.
  • Peach Schnapps.
  • Lemon.
  • Or Lime Soda.

How to make a green tea shot!

Did you know that green tea shots rose to fame when drinkers from the US started making this shot trending in 2011? It is said to be a unique kind of shooter with an exciting flavour. Want to know more about this drink? Stay tuned.

Before we continue, make sure to subscribe to Advanced Mixology for awesome cocktail recipes, bartending tips, and fun facts about your favourite drinks. are you know this green tea shot is not actual green tea shot? No. This alcoholic drink has no actual green tea in it. But why is it called “green tea shot?”. It’s called “Green Tea Shot” because of its greenish color, which resembles healthy and relaxing tea.

Previously, it was called “Jameson Green Tea” because it was originally created using Jameson whiskey. Jameson Irish Whiskey is made from both unmalted and malted barley. It was then combined with peach schnapps, an American sweetened liqueur made from fruit and spices.

For the sourness, the green tea shot has a mixture of simple syrup and lime or lemon juice which we call a “sour mix”. Add the popular soft drink with lemon flavour, Sprite, and lemonade.

How to make Green tea shot

Is green tea shot strong?

A green tea shot has a pleasant taste, and if you are not careful, it is easy to drink more than you intended. So make sure to drink responsibly. What bar tools do I need to make a green tea shot? To make this powerful shot, you only need four bar tools: Jigger, Cocktail Shaker, Strainer, and Shot Glass.

Green tea shots are perfect for when you’re in the mood for something sweet and refreshing. Here are the ingredients you will need to create this refreshing drink: 0.5 ounce Jameson 0.5 ounce peach schnapps 0.5 ounce sour mix

Ready to make Green tea shot?

Don’t worry. It won’t take too much time. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step One:

Fill your shaker with equal amounts of Jameson Irish Whiskey with peach schnapps and sour mix.

Step Two:

Add ice to the shaker, cover it and shake vigorously.

Step Three:

Pour in the drink, then serve. That’s how you make the green tea shot. Food Pairings with Green Tea Shot Hors d’oeuvres is your go-to food when it comes to drinking shots. You can pair your green tea shot with smoked shrimp, deviled eggs, and crab-and-avocado toasts.

The Green Tea Shot and its varieties are absolutely sweet and delicious. A perfect choice to serve for your next party! Take the shot and give this video a thumbs up if you like it.




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