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How to Use Chopsticks | Best Methods

How to Use Chopsticks | Best Methods

How to Use Chopsticks: Chopsticks are used to hold some food like Noodles. These are widely used in Germany and Koran countries where people use chopsticks. Chopsticks are made of wood small , 1 feet long sharpen dandles.
How to Use Chopsticks:
How to Use Chopsticks: 

You can hold chopsticks in right hand by using fingers by putting chopsticks in middle three finger and one finger is between two chopsticks. In Japan chopsticks are used widely to eat every kind of national food like noodles and rice. Here we can give you some instructions how to use chopsticks by taking reviews from different Japanize people there is a lot of difference between Japanize chopsticks and other countries like china and Korea.

How to Use Chopsticks:

How to use Chopsticks?

There are a lot of methods to use and hold Chopsticks, Between fingers and thumb or by using fingers only. When you hold it between fingers you must need to have grip on it before using it. Having good grip on Chopsticks using, this will help you to bring food easily to your mouth. By trying to hold chopsticks again and again it will make you a perfect men to use it.
There are certain manners to use it by correct manner in Japan. Poor dinning manners give uncomfortable to you and your table share. So it is your need to increase your skill to use chopsticks and ready to dine with friends and others meeting parties. Basics of the holding chopsticks is easily to remember but learning and exercise part is hard but to much hard. If you practice again and again you can easily get perfect skill over it.


How to Use Chopsticks:


some examples of using Chopsticks:

  1. Don’t hold your chopsticks like spoon.
  2. Don’t stab your food with chopsticks.
  3. Don’t hold the chopsticks in your mouth.
  4. Don’t cut your food in parts.
  5. Don’t lick your chopsticks to clean.
  6. Use only one hand to hold chopsticks.
How to Use Chopsticks:


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