How to Use WhatsApp Views Once on Android and IOS and IPhone

Android and IOS user has a view once option for both of devices in WhatsApp to Let you send Photos and videos that stay on viewers WhatsApp dashboard for single view and when your viewer views these photos and videos this option disappear. This Option helps you to share content for limited time and that can not be forward and it cannot be available for longer time. Photos and videos that you shared with your friends and viewers cant be saved in your phone gallery of your viewer. WhatsApp brings a great feature through this to share content for limited period.

How to Use WhatsApp Views Once on Android and IOS and IPhone

Here we give you a step by step guide to you can use this WhatsApp View Once feature on your Android and IOS.

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How to Use WhatsApp Views Once on your Device:

Before starting guidance about these steps. You should be know that once you have send a photo or a video using this View Once option you can be able to see photos and videos in the Chat. You also can not save these photos and videos to your Phone Gallery, Forward to other peoples, Star mark and reply on that photo and video. This is also for your viewer. More photos and Videos shared by using this option also be disappeared after 14 if these can not be opened.

  1. Open the latest version of WhatsApp in your device.
  2. Select a Photo and Video that you want to share with your some content person.
  3. Click on The View Once Option (1) in Caption bar.
  4. You will receive a alert in the middle of your content to conform activation.
  5. NOW, Click on send button to share Photos and Videos.

WhatsApp give you this feature to share only legal work, in your content list of recommended users to send Photos and videos with View Once option. It is simple for viewer to take screen shot or screen recording of that Shared video.



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