Home Entertainment Inside Prince William’s extramarital affair rumours

Inside Prince William’s extramarital affair rumours


Inside Prince William’s extramarital affair rumours

Social media has been buzzing with rumours of Prince William’s alleged extramarital affair.

As per the Economic Times report, an anonymous post from an account named Deuxmoi on Instagram alleged an unnamed British royal of having an extramarital affair.

The PR/celebrity account claimed that the affair “is an open secret in London and amongst the high society, and is the talk of every party and newsdesk.”

Reacting to the rumour, New York Magazine’s The Cut reported, “Like all the other blinds on DeuxMoi, it is unverified and quite possibly rubbish.”

However, the publication noted that William has become the leading contender for the accusations as Prince Philip is dead and Prince Andrew no longer has a wife.

As Harry lives in California, his private life is not likely to be the talk of London, the publication added.

Meanwhile, William was surrounded by similar rumours amidst the birth of his third child, Louis. The Daily Beast said that the “sensational rumour” had electrified British high society.

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