Jennifer Lawrence weighs in on her ‘very personal’ motivation behind Causeway
Jennifer Lawrence weighs in on her ‘very personal’ motivation behind Causeway

Jennifer Lawrence opened up on how her upcoming movie Causeway is linked with “very personal” subject.

Speaking with Vogue, the Hunger Games star revealed, “I have had a pretty consistent theme in all my movies since I was 18.”

The actress earlier refused to provide details as according to her, the topic was “very personal”; however, Lawrence later elaborated on why she chose to work on this particular theme.

“Art more often than not is about one’s mother,” said the 32-year-old.

The Don’t Look Up actress continued, “I hesitate to say that because I would hate for somebody to go back and watch my movies — or watch this movie in particular — and think that that is the way that I’m painting my mother.”

“My mother is a wonderful person. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still things from my childhood that I’m working out,” she explained.

Talking about her new movie, Lawrence mentioned that she has played an Afghanistan vet who returns to her hometown suffering from severe brain injury.

“The movie is about acute post-traumatic stress. But there are also hints of childhood trauma,” she noted.

Looking at the “untenable home, her inability to commit to one thing or another because of these internal injuries that are completely invisible but huge” in the movie, the actress believed that she linked the movie’s concept with “specific time” in her life.

“So much was going on with me at that time that I didn’t realise. Until I was back, pregnant, married, making the film. And I was just like, Oh, this is a woman who is scared to commit,” commented the Passengers actress.

“I get emotional every time I watch the movie,” she added.

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