Jennifer Lopez has been desperately trying to make Ben Affleck give up his nasty habit of smoking ever since their wedding.

The On The Floor hit-maker is very critical of her lifestyle and what she puts into her body which is why she just can’t let her husband smoke cigarettes.

“Jennifer hates smoking. You do not look like Jennifer Lopez if you don’t look after your body. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t eat bad food and she certainly doesn’t smoke,” an insider told RadarOnline.

“Ben has given up a lot of his vices over the years, but he just can’t get rid of the cigarettes. It’s his one guilty pleasure and something Jennifer might have to learn to live with,” the source added.

The outlet shared that the Batman vs Superman star does not smoke in house but his wife wants him to give up the habit altogether.

“I’m not sure Jen is going to win this battle. We would all love Ben to stop smoking but it’s up to him, not her,” a friend of Affleck revealed.

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