John Legend talks about wife Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy amid album release
John Legend talks about wife Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy amid album release

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting another child. The couple have candidly spoken about their issues with fertility in the past and even lost their son Jack in a miscarriage back in 2020.

Wielding positivity this time around, the All of Me singer sat down to talk about his new upcoming double album Legend in an interview with USA Today.

When asked how he felt about Chrissy’s pregnancy this time around, he responded, “I think we’re cautiously optimistic – and really meaning both cautious and optimistic. But at some point, we had to let people know. If they saw her out looking pregnant, we didn’t want people to speculate and we also didn’t want to not leave the house for nine months. When she started to show, we said, let’s just tell people. It doesn’t mean things will go according to plan. We just don’t know. And that feeling is more acute when you’ve suffered a loss.”

The couple have shared previously how the loss of their son affected them and how he left a void in his parents that would never be filled.

“It made us stronger, going through this together, even though we were broken in some way by it because we had to hold each other together and support each other through it,” the 43-year-old singer told New Yorker. “It’s a way of forging you.”

So far this year, John Legend has launched a Las Vegas residency, returned to his coaching role for the coming season of The Voice and is going to unveil his eighth release, an ambitious double album christened Legend, which released recently.

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