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Johnny Depp in hot waters as new revelations from unsealed document dump breaking the internet


Johnny Depp seemed to be in trouble after fresh revelations from unsealed document dump of his and Amber Heard’s defamation trial, an insider has claimed.

It’s revealed that the Hollywood actor, who’s enjoying new life and focusing on his career after emerging victorious   in defamation suit,  is in trouble and fears as public support may turn against him after  the new  revelations. 

As Heard and Depp both prepare to appeal the verdict in their defamation case, the  actor’s fans reportedly crowdsourced thousands of dollars to see a newly unsealed document dump that reignited the frenzy over the highly publicized trial.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor had emerged the winner in the court of public opinion even before the verdict came down, with fans stationing themselves outside the Virginia courthouse in hopes of getting a wave from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

There are reports that the Hollywood actor’s fans and curious minds are still eager to consume anything related to the case.

An initial analysis of more than 6,600 pages doesn’t seem to do Depp any favors, according to  a source. 

While, legal experts have also shared their opinion on it while talking to different outlets. Few of them told the Rolling Stone that what people are seeing are all the explosive allegations and potentially embarrassing claims that Depp’s lawyers successfully kept out of the trial.

“Absolutely, it was worse for Johnny,” Brett Ward, a New York family attorney, says. “Johnny Depp’s team won some key pretrial legal rulings. Overall, because he had better rulings during the pre-trial portion of the case, the stuff that he kept out hurts him more. The totality of the material now looks worse for him.”

“I think it would have been naive for anybody to think all these motions were only going to have flattering things for Johnny Depp and unflattering things for Amber Heard,” legal analyst Emily D. Baker says. “I always expected it to be both sides slinging mud at one another because that’s what pretrial motions are.”

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