Johnny Depp’s legal team was “worried” that the jury would not understand why someone as “presentable” as Amber Heard would make up abuse stories.

In the upcoming documentary Johnny vs Amber: The US based on the highly publicized defamation trial of the exes, Depp’s attorney Ben Chew admitted that the Aquaman actor seemed “credible” during deposition.

A glimpse from the two-part docuseries, slated to be released on September 20th on Discovering+, shows the actor’s team discussing the trial.

“Halfway through the case we were worried about Amber, because during the deposition there were times, there were moments, when she came across credible,” Chew said in the clip.

“We felt that somebody needed to explain to the jury why someone as presentable as Amber Heard would make up these horrific stories of abuse,” he added.

The documentary will “give a forensic account of the key evidence and turning points of the case from both sides,” according to the press release from Discovery+.

The upcoming short series will also reveal “in graphic detail the struggles inside the dysfunctional and turbulent A-list marriage” of Depp and Heard.

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