Body language experts hint towards Kate Middleton’s struggling emotions and ‘distress’ during Queen Elizabeth’s lay-in-state procession.

Body language expert Katia Loisel issued these shocking insights during an interview with 7News.

She details Kate’s emotions at the moment and explains how “distressed” she looked while ‘struggling’ to hold it together during the painful funeral procession.

Loisel began by admitting, “The more pronounced the lip compression, as is the case with Prince William – his lips pressed together, rolling inwards until they have completely disappeared – indicate extreme levels of discomfort and stress.”

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“’Prince Harry and Meghan use both contact tie signs, such as holding hands, and non-contact tie signs, such as postural echoing, their bodies orientated inwards towards one another, and mutual gaze in a mutual display of support and reassurance.”

“In contrast, clearly grief-stricken and lost in their own thoughts, Prince William and Princess Kate keep a formal distance, in keeping with the formality and seriousness of the event, and Prince William’s position as heir to the throne.”

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