Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have been honoured with the Prince and Princess of Wales titles by King Charles III, and an expert has said that the decision reflects that Charles wants his son to take up his late mother Princess Diana’s mantle.

Talking to Mirror UK, Seward weighed in on King Charles’ landmark decision to make his son the Prince of Wales, thereby making Kate the Princess of Wales, the first ever after Diana.

She said: “Charles making William and Catherine the Prince and Princess of Wales means William is taking over Diana’s mantle.”

Seward then went on to share how King Charles’ decision also highlighted something to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

“It’s his now, and Harry doesn’t need to fight for it anymore. Their father’s words in his speech on Friday were very important. Charles wanted to make sure Harry and Meghan were mentioned. I’m not saying they suddenly think Meghan is wonderful. But I think they want peace.”

“And I hope – as do we all – that the peace lasts. Who knows if it will? But as long as they can pretend, that will help,” Seward concluded.

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