Kelly Clarkson weighs in on filling Ellen DeGeneres ‘daytime spot’
Kelly Clarkson weighs in on filling Ellen DeGeneres ‘daytime spot’

Kelly Clarkson has recently reflected on taking over Ellen DeGeneres daytime spot in her latest interview.

Speaking with Variety, the musician said that Oprah Winfery and Ellen are two strong women and how they did their shows “were quite different”.

“One was a comedian, one was a journalist, and both were successful. To fill that slot doesn’t mean you have to do one thing — it’s important that we all stand out, and that we’re all different,” stated the 40-year-old.

The singer-songwriter continued, “I hold the Oprahs and the Ellens in such high regard. Very few people can conquer what they conquered. My team is very much stoked, and I believe in my team. But by no means am I filling anyone shoes… I don’t want that pressure.”

Considering these challenges, the American Idol alum remarked, “Nobody is going to fill Ellen’s shoes.”

For the unversed, Kelly’s show The Kelly Clarkson has won 13 Emmys in its three seasons and now she’s geared up for fourth season.

When asked why the singer has been doing the daytime talk show for years.

“I think the reason is I’m able to do music, I’m able to talk to people, and my team makes it so easy. It’s such a blessing to be able to conquer all these different things,” she added.

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