Kim Kardashian shares views on storytelling and criminal justice at recent summit
Kim Kardashian shares views on storytelling and criminal justice at recent summit

Kim Kardashian expressed that storytelling was important for criminal justice reforms at the recently-held Propper Daley Summit, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Kim Kardashian spoke at the session which featured a starry line-up including Uzo Aduba, Chrissy Teigen, B.J. Novak and director and producer Scott Budnick.

The discussions were intended to influence future onscreen storylines and help maintain narrative authenticity. Scott Budnick and Kim Kardashian have been long-time advocates for prison reform after discovering how broken the system is, particularly for people of colour. Kardashian expressed her views on importance of storytelling and criminal justice.

“I think that storytelling is so important because people always ask, ‘How can you help? What can you do?,” added Kardashian. “Someone once said to me, ‘Why are you working on one case? Work on the policy.’ And I said to them, ‘If you don’t put a face with this rap sheet and you don’t understand’ — people just want safety in the community, they want to feel that way. 

She further added, “Unless you hear their story, unless you’ve heard where they’ve come from and where they’re at now, you won’t feel safe if you just read a piece of paper. So the storytelling aspect is so important to get the policy to be able to push through.”

Kardashian also shared that she balances all of her activism work with her businesses and law school classes, “I pretty much have a rule where I’ll take on 10 cases at a time and I can’t really go above that.”

In an interview with Vogue, Kim revealed that she has been pursuing law since 2019. And, on December 13, 2021, Kim announced through her IG handle that she passed the ‘baby bar exam.’

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