King Charles dodges second ‘pengate’ as he brings his own pen
King Charles dodges second ‘pengate’ as he brings his own pen 

King Charles III brought his own to a Welsh cathedral after going viral for his previous mishaps that left his hands covered in ink.

The new monarch and Queen Camilla Consort visited Cardiff where the royals were asked to sign a guest book.

His Majesty took out a pen from his jacket and signed ‘Charles R’ as the letter R stands for Rex, meaning King in Latin.

The monarch then passed then pen to his wife who signed the book ‘Camilla R’.

The King than put his pen back into his pocket before exiting the cathedral.

Sky correspondent Laura Bundock weighed in on the moment: “Interestingly one thing I noticed at the very end when the King and Queen Consort were signing the visitors book in the cathedral, he had brought his own pen following the previous pen problems we had seen.”

“He had one and gave it to the Queen Consort before he signed the book as well. No pen problems this time.”

This came after Charles complained about a pen at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast as he was heard saying:” Oh God I hate this.”

“I can’t bear this bloody thing! [It’s] what they do every stinking time.”

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