King Charles III enjoys security, routine and order
King Charles III ‘enjoys’ security, ‘routine and order’

An expert explained that King Charles III’s handwriting suggests that the new monarch is a “sensitive loner” and relies on “routine and order.”

An award-winning author Emma Bache told Metro that the way a person writes reveals a lot about his personality.

Bache said: “King Charles can often feel as though the world is against him and the somewhat rigid baseline of the handwriting suggest a man that enjoys and needs security in the form of routine and order.

“The joined-up letters indicate a logic but this can be at odds with his more visionary idealism and intellect, shown in the loops of the taller letters,” she continued.

“He can feel tormented and is likely to feel this trait strongly juggling his strong sense of duty and tradition with his more progressive ideas for the future.

“The leftward-leaning letters suggest that he can get bored easily and requires constant intellectual stimulation.

“There is also a strong stubborn streak and a tendency to become self-defensive if criticized,” the expert concluded.

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