King Charles truce with the Susssexes was just for the camera: Expert
King Charles ‘truce’ with the Susssexes was ‘just for the camera’: Expert

King Charles has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the toughest problem in his reign.

Royal expert Sarah Vine tells Palace Confidential that sources close to the King reveal there is rift between him and his youngest son, especially after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ms Vine began: “I think he has got a lot of work to do. He has got to sort out the Harry and Meghan situations because I don’t think the truce is a truce. It was just for the camera

She continued: “I am actually not hearing anything good about Harry. I know a few people around Charles who say that he is acting up and that it is not a very good situation.

“He will go back to America and will probably publish his book. Nobody knows what will be in it, so it will be a problem,” she concluded.

Harry extended his stay in Europe after the passing of Her Majesty. The Duke, alongside his Duchess, returned to US on Friday.

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