King Charles urged to apologise for slave trade for successful kingship
King Charles urged to ‘apologise for slave trade’ for successful kingship

King Charles III is given a five-pointer advice to have a smooth transition from Prince to the monarch of Britain.

The 73-year-old is asked to carefully consider the return of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and take steps to apologise for the family’s history of slave trade.

Peter Hunt, former BBC correspondent, turned to his Twitter to write: “A manifesto for a bold start to the reign of King Charles:

  • Apologise for his family’s role in the slave trade
  • Pay inheritance tax
  • Give Harry back his honorary military appointments
  • Bring Harry and Meghan in ‘from the cold’
  • Buy a good pen.”

Responding to his statement, one Charles admirer wrote: “His family weren’t involved with the slave trade, his ancestors were. Unlikely.

“No. No. The pen is a good idea though,” quipped another.

“One out of five is a start,” added Mr Hunt.

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