Camila Morrone suffered horrifying injury courtesy of the paws of her beloved dog just days after ex Leonardo DiCaprio, 25, was spotted with model Gigi Hadid, 27.

Leo’s -ex shared a picture of her leg featuring two long parallel wounds down her thigh presumably from the claws of her beloved husky Jack.

She took it in stride as she captioned the image: ‘”Get a husky!” they said. “It will be fun!” they said.’

The post comes days after Gigi was seen in DailyMail exclusively obtained photos of her cozying up to Camila’s ex Leo at a New York Fashion Week after-party earlier this week.

Recently Leo has been making headlines due to his dating patterns once again after he and Camila broke up this summer after more than four years together.

Photo credits: DailyMail
Photo credits: DailyMail

The Daisy Jones And The Six actress had turned 25 in June, and the two reportedly split sometime prior to the news breaking, which led to numerous jokes on social media about Leo’s tendency to split from his girlfriends as they approach that dreaded number.

Meanwhile, Gigi was spotted in photos exclusively obtained by DailyMail earlier this week as she leaned in toward Leonardo DiCaprio at a party at Casa Cipriani thrown by two of his friends.

Following the leaking of the new pictures, a source close to the couple said while they are dating, they are ‘taking it slow,’ according to Page Six. 

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