Los Angeles City Council announces Squid Game Day on Sept 17

Netflix’s  Emmy-nominated Squid Game has achieved another milestone as Los Angeles City Council announced to celebrate ‘Squid Game Day’ on Sept 17, to appreciate the increasing representation of Asian communities in the American entertainment industry, reported by the Korean Times .

 As per the passed resolution stated that Squid Game got its place as the most-watched Netflix original to date, and that “it was the first ever Korean series on Netflix to reach number one in the US, breaking the barrier that many foreign languages show a face with Western audiences simply because of subtitles”.

The resolution further added that the mega-hit Korean series of Netflix introduced multi-facets of Korean culture and drive it to the US and global audiences alike.

Moreover, the thriller show was also nominated for several awards for not just various American but international ceremonies and is reputed as one of the first Korean series to achieve such laurels. 

“Squid Game marks another victory in the fight to grow the representation of the AAPI [Asian American and Pacific Islander] community in film and entertainment, exposing audiences to Korean culture and traditions while paving the way for other AAPI communities to also have their stories told,” the resolution read.

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