Mark Butcher has claimed that he would be surprised if Eoin Morgan was part of England’s 2023 World Cup squad.

Eoin Morgan (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Morgan’s position in the team is under scrutiny
  • The England captain recorded consecutive ducks against the Netherlands
  • Butcher wants to see Livingstone to be a part of the World Cup squad

Mark Butcher has claimed that he would be surprised if Eoin Morgan would be a part of England’s squad for the 2023 World Cup squad.

Morgan’s position in the squad is under serious scrutiny after a string of poor performances with the bat and fitness concerns. England’s limited overs captain endured a horrific time during the recently-concluded ODI series against the Netherlands as he registered consecutive ducks and had to pull out of the final game due to a groin injury.

When asked on the latest episode of the Wisden Cricket Weekly Podcast if he could envision Morgan being a part of the 2023 World Cup squad, Butcher said he can’t see the 35-year-old making the cut and would be surprised if he did . The former England batter also said Livingstone should be a part of the setup.

Butcher also commented that he was also surprised that Morgan didn’t retire after the 2019 World Cup.

“I can’t see it, honestly, because Liam Livingstone needs to be in that side. And the strength of striking power around that squad just means there just isn’t room for somebody just to be captain, doesn’t matter how good that captain is.

“I would be staggered if he tries to make it through to the 2023 World Cup. That’s not because of two ducks against the Netherlands. Frankly, who cares? That doesn’t matter. I was surprised that he didn’t announce that he was done with it after they won in 2019. We’re now three years after that and he’s still going,” said Butcher.

The former England batter said while Morgan can make a return to form, at the moment, it seems like a wild fantasy.

“Look, he’ll probably prove us all wrong, come back, great fitness and have an extraordinary run of form and lead the side in the next one, but at the moment that looks like a wild fantasy, doesn’t it?” said Butcher.

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