Meghan Markle faced lesser extent of Princess Diana tragedy, declares aide
Meghan Markle faced ‘lesser extent’ of Princess Diana tragedy, declares aide

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana were cut from a similar cloth over their treatment from the royal family, says royal aide.

The Princess of Wales ex-officer Ken Wharfe admits the royal family mistreated Meghan in the similar way they did Diana.

Mr Wharfe spoke on Palace Confidential: “I think Meghan found it rather difficult and perhaps wanted a different lifestyle, you know, from the beginning but, you know, it’s very difficult.

“I know Diana experienced it.

“The Royal Family, from the Queen downwards, even her own husband, found dealing with her popularity very very difficult.”

He added: “It’s a shame really, the same that I think that happened with Meghan, to a lesser extent.

“Had they, sort of, garnered and harnessed that popularity, it would have been better for all of them.”

Meghan Markle parted ways from the royal famil upon leaving UK in 2020. She, along with husband Prince Harry now lives in California.

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