Meghan Markle’s body language at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has been described as that of a ‘fish out of water’ by a psychotherapist and human behaviour expert, reported Fox News.

Talking to the outlet after the end of the Queen’s historic state funeral on September 19, 2022, Dr. Robi Ludwig suggested that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, appeared ‘closed off’ to her surroundings.

As per Ludwig, Meghan waited for her seat with her hands ‘clutched’ together, which indicated that “she is closed off to her environment and trying to comfort herself at the same time.”

Ludwig continued: “I don’t think this is what she anticipated. Meghan Markle did not consider the cause and effect of her actions and how this could come to harm her.”

She added: “Meghan, with her head tilted down, covering her face, indicating feelings of shame and victimization. There is a sense that she is upset and uncomfortable.”

“Her body language indicates a disconnection with the other family members and a discomfort with her current status among the working royals. She is definitely feeling the coldness and is very uncomfortable about it. She is like a fish out of water, and it’s obvious,” Ludwig concluded.

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