Meghan Markle, Prince Harry asked to stop inappropriate hand holding in public
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry asked to stop ‘inappropriate’ hand holding in public

Meghan Markle  is facing backlash over her recent photos with Prince Harry inside Westminster Abbey.

The Sussex couple walked hand-in-hand behind Kate Middleton and Prince William as they curtsied Queen coffin on Wednesday.

While many praised the loved-up Duke and Duchess of Sussex, haters jumped the bandwagon to bash Meghan.

“What a shame. Meghan and Harry just had to draw attention to themselves by holding hands. Totally inappropriate but what else can you expect?” wrote one twitter user.

Another added: “Did my eyes deceive me, or were Harry and Meghan actually holding hands as they walked out of Westminster Hall?! Do they not have any idea how to behave properly?”

Amid the backlash, Sussex supporters came out with arguments of their own, noting: “Here’s three royal couples holding hands at Westminster Hall. Guess which couple were criticised for ‘breaking protocol’?”

Another Meghan admirers added: “Now the press is obsessed with Harry and Meghan holding hands and calling it “inappropriate” because they are the only ones doing it. Zara Tindall (daughter of Princess Anne) and her husband are also displaying affection. Keep calling the double standard out.” 

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