Meghan Markle repenting her hasty judgement about the Queens family?

Meghan Markle would surely be thinking to change her policy and attitude towards the royal family after witnessing their popularity at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

The Queen’s funeral, will be held on September 19, seems to unite the world, as more than 500 leaders and dignitaries from different countries will travel to the UK to pay their respects to the former monarch.

The state funeral of Britain’s Queen will unite people from across the globe.  The  world leaders would appear together putting their feud aside.

Meghan Markle who, stepped down as senior working royal alongside her hubby Prince Harry in 2020, would surely be surprised to see the people’s love for the Queen and her family.

The Duchess of Sussex, who made serious allegations on royal family during her tell-all interview with American TV host Oprah Winfrey and continued sharing her bitter relationship with the family in her recent podcast and interview, would be repenting her hasty judgement about the Queen’s family after being aware of their respect across the globe.

Prince Harry’s wife would also be thankful that she did not directly hurled insults at the Queen in her high-profile interviews and chat.

Meghan has now understood that people love and respect the late Queen and her family and won’t support or favour those who  disgrace them to gain fame.

 The Duchess has already  cancelled her podcast following Queen’s death. It’s unclear how long the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will remain in the UK, but whenever they make their return, their lives will continue to be complicated by the momentous events of last week.

Lilibet and Archie’s mom looked somber as she paid tribute to her mother-in-law on Wednesday at Westminster Hall.  She  was seen deep in thought during the service. 

She appeared holding hands with her husband in a show of support as the pair left the hall soon after the service ended. She wore earrings given to her by the Queen to honour the former  monarch.

There are speculations that Harry would also make some amendments in his much-anticipated book and would not dare to disgrace her grandmother and would also respect her wish to accept Camilla as Queen concert.

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